Growing is tough without Talent


The Breakdown 

  • online questionnaire so we do not worry about covering basics when we meet.

  • Two 60 min interview/download sessions (additional details collected before and after each session) 

  • 1st 60 mins - Founders/ Leadership/ Hiring Committee 

  • 2nd 60 min - meet your team (individual/group)

  • Follow up on meeting and data requests (the more you can share the better)


HigherAdvisor Strategy Guide (no cookiecutter PDF’s here --- analysis is custom to each client and 100% theirs to keep)

Breakdown of your company 

  • Mission

  • Values

  • Products

  • Department overview 

  • Employee Hierarchy

  • Growth and Hiring Goals

  • Team culture 

  • What level of seniority are you hiring? What can you afford? 

  • Current Hiring Process- job creation through hire

  • Historical Hiring Data 

  • Data- What are you capturing and how? 

  • Market and Geographical Analysis

  • Compensation Analysis - current team/competition 

  • Hiring compliance, requirements, and certifications. 

  • Background and credit check

  • Onboarding process

  • Current gaps, risk, and overall analysis 

  • Strategy- How you can improve execution and quality. 

  • Solutions - We will provide you with a diverse set of options and prioritize the areas we feel can make the biggest difference for you. 

  • Measurable action items to execute a repeatable hiring process.

  • RESULTS session - presenting our findings, suggestions, and proposed solutions. We view this as an opportunity to collaborate and discuss this in real-time. We will continue to answer questions once you have a chance to deep dive into the data.​​


Are we right for you??? Are you right for us???

  • This is the point where you decide if you see the value in partnering moving forward. 

  • Review the material after delivery of the assessment and provide feedback on what you think. 

  • Set expectations- This is coaching, support, and teaching. The expectation is that you will have one or more people engaged with us that can implement our agreed-upon strategy. 

  • We are not your recruiters, web developers, content creators, graphics designers, etc. The expectation is your team will run the hiring operations, web enhancements, or any additional features.

  • We can align you with those partners if needed (additional cost- see retained recruiting options).

  • This is the point where we need to be 100% candid on if we see this partnership making sense. 

  • “Fire Up”, Hold, or Part as Friends - We suggest a 6 week “Fire Up” executing on an Agile Delivery process to deliver results weekly. 


“Fire Up” the hiring engine​

  • We will set a timeline for kickoff and outline deliverables for each week.

  • Revisions - This is your plan so if we need to tweak or prioritize to deliver on your vision for hiring. 

  • Pick your team- we need at least 3 people involved with one person holding the Veto power for decisions. 

  • Create a custom Trello board to collaborate and manage goals and progress.

  • Weekly reporting and analysis to monitor results.

  • IT, Data, and Application flow- This will vary based on your current tools and apps suite.

  • Need someone moderately tech-savvy for this role (web dev, digital marketing, content creator type).

  • Setup, admin, access, automation, integrating tools. 

  • Job board and website integration.

  • Prepare 1-3 jobs you are ready to hire for ASAP. Typically week by week 2 setup is complete and ready to push jobs, marketing, and social.

Maintain the “Buzz”

  • Flex hours to use each month for continued support.

  • Set your goal, we will provide scope for the request, and determine the time required.

  • Continued use of Trello for team collaboration, documentation, scheduling, and real-time progress.

  • Dedicated effort to share your story, brand, products, social content, and progress through our platform. 

  • A yearly report reflecting back on what we accomplished together.

  • Hit a milestone? Lockdown a Series A? opening a new brand/line? need to start over? We can “Fire Up” again with a revised strategy and plan to build on past success. 

Tel: 734-637-0599  

Dallas, TX 

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Higher Advisor LLC.

HigherAdvisor is dedicated to talent strategy and hiring process improvements with a focus on dynamic growth industries. We believe that by teaching sourcing, hiring, and overall talent attraction to employers that we can improve the hiring experience.

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