your team.

Your culture.

Your goals.

Your process.

your products.

Your why.


strategy based on data. understand your tools, market, competition, candidates, and hire effectively.













Reflect on your journey. Only then can you truly assess your process and prepare for your next hire.



Where planning and action meet. 

  • equipment check- Recruitment technology stack, marketing, and hiring platforms.

  • travel light- The right tools are better than every tool. Multiple boards, tools, and job postings often provide duplicate data and/or features.

  • Move faster- Automation of process, reporting, communication, documentation, scrapping, and mind mapping allow TA teams vision and time to focus on people. 

  • Route Choice- not everyone is capable of the same climb at the same pace. Understanding the limitations you are facing helps set course. Leveraging market data and analysis to prediction challenges before setting out. 

  • Teamwork- harness the power of your people, build trust through transparency, and let them feel empowered in hiring.

  • stage MAPPING- 

  • DELIVERABLEs to triage and prioritize into four major paths 

    1. CRITICAL PATHS - (the core of what you do, constant, on going, and mission critical)

    2. ADVANCED - (Important, time sensitive, niche)

    3. Long view- (gamechangers, future needs, )

    4. Specialty Skills- (specialty knowledge around tools, training, niche domains, technical, automation, dynamic revenue gen)


  • Imbed with team beyond intake; understand their product, goals, communication, expectations, and interview style.

  • Provide search strategy options to set expectations for the challenges and refine the target across the decision makers.

  • Create unified messaging to encapsulate the company, role, hiring manager, team, benefits, Money, and more. 

  • Encourage the team to share- creation of demand, referrals, and leveraging a customer network to create inbound.

  • External sourcing, outreach, and targeted networking to create awareness within technical communities. 

  • Clear expectations for review, interview, and decision in a timely and respectful manner. 

  • Get people excited about a role and Managers excited about people. 

  • Revisions - ADAPT or prioritize based on market feedback, interviews, turn downs, and reassess. 

  • Coach managers on interview style and challenge them to open their role to a wider spectrum. 

  • Don't wait. Time kills all deals- make a decision fast and on abilities long term vs short term learning curve


  • Most companies are Not reflective on hiring beyond the stats.

  • Understand what worked and what didn't? Leveraging your knowledge is key to not repeat the same mistakes you have in the past. 

  • Treasure silver medalist candidates and build a avenue to streamline future consideration. 

  • Create stark raving fans from your interview process with honesty and transparency even in rejection. 

  • Create a job- found someone great but not for this role. Give them an option other than NO!!!

  • Align with the new hire on goals and progression to understand their aspirations for career advancement up front.